Saturday, April 9, 2016

*DermOrganic Review*

They sent me two sampler packs.. They both have 3 products in them... The first one I'm going to talk about is the hair care one.. That sampler pack comes with a shampoo a intensive hair repair masque and a leave-in treatment.. The shampoo is safe for colored hair and works great... The masque repairs damaged hair smoothes and softens your hair... The leave-in treatment is my favorite... That one adds incredible softness and shine. It also speeds up the drying time up to 40°/.. Now let's talk about the skin care sampler pack... That pack comes with a soapless facial cleanser a facial moisturizer and hand and body moisture lotion... The face cleanser is amazing... It doesn't leave your face feeling dry or oily...It's gentle enough for the eye area. The facial moisturizer softness and improves elasticity.. Minimize fine lines. It's made with argan extract .. And it's oil free.. I really like this one too.. And last is the hand and body lotion... It softens and hydrated and protects.. It leaves skin really soft,clean and moisturized. It doesn't leave your skin oily and works great... I love that these products are organic and that they work great...

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