Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jackpot candles review

So i email there company and they wrote back saying the would send me a candle if i did a review on my blog... lets just say im really happy with there product.. And they also put jewelry in there candles.. which is a plus... They let me pick which kinda jewelry i wanted.. I picked a ring.. You dont get to see what the jewelry looks like until you burn your candle and find it... So I started to burn my candles so i could find the jewelry inside.. it took me four hours to burn which i dont mind cuz the candle smells really good.. so after the four hours i found my ring. I was in a little plastic bag wrapped in foil that way it doesnt get wax on it.. And after you find your jewelry it comes with a code.. So you just go on there website and and enter the code to see how much your jewelry is worth.. Mine is worth 26.00. Which Im happy about.. And the ring is really pretty and fits perfectly. Definitely something I would wear everyday and Im going too.. They have alot of different smells to choose from.. This would be a great gift to give to someone you love or even like.. hehe I really like this company.. the candles dont cost that much.. And sometimes the jewelry is worth more then the candles... I also love that its a surprise when you get your jewelry cuz you dont know what it is going to look like.. these candles are soy homemade.. I love companys that make homemade stuff.. Going to be buying candles from them in the future. . Really happy with this company... 5 stars from me.. 

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