Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mariobadescu skincare review

Im email this company.. and this is what they sent me.... a booklet that has different products that you can order from them.. a booklet trying you how to apply there product.. which is very helpful.  And the samples the sent are strawberry face scrub, keratoplast cream soap, aloe lotion, dermonectin eye cream, seaweed night cream, collagen moisturizer that has broad spectrum spf 15 sunscreen in it, flower and tonic mask and a botanical exfoliation scrub... i really love all the products the sent me... my face gets really dry and these all help with that.. i really love the strawberry face scrub.. and it smells really good to. All the products make your face feel fresh smooth and clean.. i really love this company and lobe that they have so many different products to choose from.. you should really check this company out...

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