Saturday, February 20, 2016

>Six Sassy Sistas Review<

I'm in love with these products... These are safe products for you to use... They have skin moisturizer... Which makes your skin feel awesome... And super soft. They have exfoliating and cellulite scrub. They have nail and cutcle conditioner... Which makes your nails look awesome. They have make up remover and really takes your make-up off in a flash... And doesn't leave your face feeling dry or oily. They have hair conditioner. They have shave your legs... And it doesn't leave a burning feeling after you shave your legs. And don't forget the kids ... They have serum which is great for eczema ,cradle cap and diaper rash... I'm really happy that I tried there products.... And so should you... I took a picture of there business card so if anyone wants to check them out they can... :)

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  1. I tried contacting them and requesting free samples a while ago and still haven't heard from them.